Exclusively Live Essentrics™ Classes in Calgary


Here’s a warm and excited Welcome Back to your very own in-person Essentrics classes at Dalhousie Community Association.😊
Do you remember how good this exercise can make you feel?
Feel better…...get stronger…...move easier…...stand taller ❤️

To register, go to: https://vital1.ca/essentrics-classes-calgary-in-person-september-october-2021/.

To be as safe and as careful as can be:

  • Please be fully vaccinated!
  • We will be following any restrictions set out by AHS.
  • Classes are held in the Auditorium allowing for lots of space to keep our distance from one another.
  • There will be no shared equipment (mats, bands, risers). You will need to bring your own.
  • You are welcome to use the Auditorium west exit door at the end of class to avoid any foyer activity.
  • Hand sanitizer will be in the Auditorium.
  • Chairs will be sprayed with an electrostatic spray gun prior to each class.


On-line classes will be continuing to offer you the convenience of working out in the comfort of your own home. It’s very easy to join. Register, choose your payment method, and then you’ll receive the link that allows you access into the “classroom”. This same link is used for each class. It’s that simple. 😊

Go to: https://vital1.ca/live-online-essentrics-classes-september-october-2021/.

Miranda & Marcia


What is Essentrics?

Is Essentrics™ similar to Yoga? No—Essentrics™ is very different from Yoga. The Essentrics™ technique uses “eccentric” muscle contractions to simultaneously strengthen and stretch every muscle in the body. An Essentrics™ workout consists of dynamic movement—which means that you’ll never stop moving during the workout. Although we don’t focus on meditation or spirituality, Essentrics™ is still a complementary workout to Yoga, as it helps to rebalance the full body, increase flexibility and mobility. Read more Q and A.