Exclusively Essentrics™ Classes in Calgary

Essentrics™ draws from ballet, Tai Chi, and physiotherapy. Rather than holding poses it is about movements - stretching while staying in motion. Try something new!
What is Essentrics™?

Miranda & Marcia


What is Essentrics?

Is Essentrics™ similar to Yoga? No—Essentrics™ is very different from Yoga. The Essentrics™ technique uses “eccentric” muscle contractions to simultaneously strengthen and stretch every muscle in the body.
An Essentrics™ workout consists of dynamic movement—which means that you’ll never stop moving during the workout.
Although we don’t focus on meditation or spirituality, Essentrics™ is still a complementary workout to Yoga, as it helps to rebalance the full body, increase flexibility and mobility.

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