Beyond Thrilled…

I’ve been taking classes with Marcia for about 3 months and continually recommend her class to many friends by saying the following: The benefits of Marcia’s gentle and encouraging classes have been numerous; flexibility and muscle strength has noticeably improved. My chronic shoulder pain has thankfully lessened (almost gone!) and my range of motion has definitely increased. While her class might appear deceptively ‘easy’, the no impact challenge to my body has certainly brought welcoming changes, especially in trouble areas such as hips and shoulders. Even my core strength has improved enough to successfully incorporate a new challenge just this week. This type of class was completely new to me, and quite honestly I didn’t know what to expect. Fast forward 3 months – after each and every class, I genuinely thank Marcia for improving my body’s capabilities. I love how her class makes me feel and I’m beyond thrilled with the results! Marcia is a gem; I highly recommend her class for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Marcia’s class left me wanting more.

I had never heard of Eccentrics when I went to my first class with Marcia. But, I had been working out at a gym for the past year and felt intimidated by their classes. So I thought I would give it a try.
The Eccentrics program is a wonderful gentle on the joints program. But, don’t be fooled, you are will feel it the next day, you are getting a terrific workout.
Marcia is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. She put me at ease right away, pointing out when I should adapt for my arthritis, which I really appreciate from a coach.
This is a healthy and fun program that I would highly recommend.

Julie Clements-Flatt

Essentrics with Marcia is a treat!

Essentrics with Marcia is a treat! I look forward to going. The workouts are challenging and fun. Marcia keeps me going long after I would normally quit. Afterwards I feel relaxed and energized, which is a new combination for me. I highly recommend her classes!

Sandra V.

I Wish She Was Closer….

I have had the privilege of attending a few of Marcia’s classes while travelling, and can honestly say I wish she was closer so that I could go to her sessions regularly!
I have been a gym-goer for many months now in a effort to improve my physical health, taking cardio, stretch and strength classes. Given that, I had expected Marcia’s Essentrics classes to be easily “do-able”. Please do not make my mistake and equate “gentle” to “having less impact”!!! The movements ARE very gentle and flowing and easy on the joints. However, you will get a solid workout that you will notice tomorrow, and if you’re like me, you’ll work up a great sweat!! All without the hard exertion required by many classes out there today.
Marcia’s approach is just as gentle as her classes – positive, encouraging and fun…a winning combination. To anyone wondering if this class is for them – whether you’re new to working out, recovering from an injury, suffering joint discomfort or restricted flexibility, or even if you’ve been attending a gym regularly for years – I would highly recommend you try these classes. You might be very glad you did!

M. Kerr

Gentle Encouraging Class

Marcia has a true gift for encouraging and guiding everyone in her class. Over the last 8 years I have found it very challenging to incorporate any type of physical activity in my life due to chronic pain. The first class I went to, I explained my limitations to Marcia and she was very encouraging by explaining the program and that I should just work at my own pace. I signed up for her 9 week program and through out the weeks, I saw progress with my mobility and balance. She made the class fun and light, encouraging all of us and explaining the different moves in a visual way which helped everyone in the class. After each class, I felt that my muscles and joints were not as tight and if I was a little bit sore, the next class I would scale back a bit and listen to my body.
I would encourage anyone who struggles with any physical issue or who just wants to stay in shape and have more flexibility and balance, to consider going to her class.
Thanks Marcia.
Rebecca R.

Rebecca Renkas

Fantastic Class

Attended a free class for National Fitness Day. Wonderful instruction by Marcia, which totally lived up to my expectations from watching Miranda Esmonde-White on PBS. I will definitely be signing up for more. The time went by so quickly and you really feel like you’ve worked your whole body at the end. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Alison Griggs