Live ‘Summer Sampler’ Class – Monday, July 5th – Arms and Balance

Marcia Culham leading Essentric class in a lunge left with arm across body in front. Part of the Vital 1 Fitness Summer Sampler classes.

Class Focus – Arms and Balance

Treat yourself to an hour, when it’s all about YOU. Although every workout is full-body, today’s focus will be on sculpting those beautiful arms, and working on balance. Have you ever thought of how much your arms help you maintain your balance? Come and enjoy!

Whether you are a first-timer at Essentrics or a loyal follower, making time for reducing stress and increasing energy are keys for any level of fitness.

It feels special when you take the moments to focus on your well-being, just let go, and do something for you. If you are ready to elevate your fitness class experience, join the community at Vital 1.

The ‘Summer Sampler’ classes are fun, easy to follow, and set to great music for those of us that are 50+.

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Need help or have questions? Please reach out by phone at 403-208-3307 or through my contact me form.

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About the author: Marcia

As a healthy 63 year old, my wish for all of us is to age well by moving more. Living an active lifestyle helps you remain agile. Helping you to be an “active ager” and striving to feel better in your body is why is started VITAL 1 FITNESS. Now in my 43rd year of nursing, having worked in many areas from the Emergency department to an outpatient cancer treatment center, I have broadened my aspirations by teaching Essentrics™ classes. It is incredibly gratifying to hear the improvements each participant has experienced in flexibility, pain relief and wellbeing. Some of my certifications and awards include: Certified Essentrics™ Instructor (Level 4 Honours); Myeloma Canada Nurse of the Year, 2015; DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses nominee, 2014 and 2015; Nursing Advisory Board Panelist, 2011, 2013 and 2014; Research Nurse of the Year Tom Baker Cancer Center, 2006. For more visit