Essentrics Classes in Calgary: May-June 2020

Essentrics Stretch & Strengthen and Essentrics Aging Backwards 55 Minute Classes

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July 2020, Summer Sampler 1 Class Schedule
August 2020, Summer Sampler 2 Class Schedule
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Exclusively Essentrics Fitness Classes

A dynamic, full-body workout that simultaneously stretches and strengthens while engaging all 650 muscles.
The muscles are stretched and strengthened in the elongated position which is effective for flexibility, mobility, and pain-relief, as well as injury prevention and recovery.
For men and women of all ages who are looking for a way to increase flexibility and get stronger at the same time.

Essentrics Class For You

Gentle Stretch or Stretch and Strengthen: I can come to you and have the class at a time and location that works for you.
All you need to do pay for the cost of the space and the instructor.
To be determined
To be determined

Please give me a call at 403-208-3307 to find out more and let’s get started.

Q & A

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