About Marcia

Sometimes when you least expect it, when you aren’t even looking, something wonderful comes into your life.

And that happened to me in 2016 when I watched a PBS special that had mention of arthritis; a topic of particular interest to me for my own health. The show was “Aging Backwards”, with Miranda Esmonde-White, the creator of the Essentrics™ program, also known as Classical Stretch, which has been airing on PBS since 1999. Trying the Essentrics™ workout provided me with an immediate improvement in my mobility, joint soreness, and overall energy. That is what drew me in, absolutely. This was a fitness program unlike anything I had done before. I was thoroughly enjoying it, reaping the benefits, and wanting to do more.

Very early in my own Essentrics™ fitness regimen, I felt strongly about sharing this with anyone hoping for more vitality, energy, and pain relief. Here I was in my 6th decade of life, and I could do this program alongside a 20-something, an athlete, or a newbie (as in someone more sedentary and now just starting out)! We could do it together and have fun with fitness, stretching, moving, and strengthening. We could be at a different level of conditioning, training in a relaxed style or more vigorously as the body fitness level improved, all the while together supporting, encouraging, and enjoying.

Miranda Esmonde-White and Marcia Culham during training in Montreal in 2017.
Miranda Esmonde-White and Marcia Culham during training week in Montreal in 2017.
How sweet is that!!!

As a result, I flew down to Montreal to do the training and became a proud Certified Essentrics™ Instructor and founder of Vital 1. That was 2016, and by 2019 had completed the 4 levels of Instructor certification.

I am also a registered nurse, very proud of my 40-year career thus far, having worked in many areas from the Emergency department to an outpatient cancer treatment center. Health and well-being are so precious and for those patients and families in my care, I have been honored to be their educator, advocate and comforter. Now as I broaden my aspirations by teaching Essentrics™ classes it is incredibly gratifying to hear the improvements each participant has experienced in flexibility, pain relief and wellbeing. This program can be all anyone does for fitness or complement many other activities.

My hope is that you are eager to give Essentrics™ a try and be a Vital 1.

Marcia Culham, R.N.

Certified Essentrics™ Instructor, Honors – Level 4, January 2019
Certified Essentrics™ Instructor, Honors – Level 3, June 2018
Certified Essentrics™ Instructor, Honors – Level 2, August 2017
Certified Essentrics™ Instructor, Honors – Level 1, October 2016
Myeloma Canada Nurse of the Year, 2015
DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses nominee, 2014 and 2015
Nursing Advisory Board Panelist, 2011, 2013 and 2014
Research Nurse of the Year Tom Baker Cancer Center, 2006
Oncology Nursing Distance Education Certificate – 1999
Post Basic Emergency Nursing Certificate – 1982
Registered Nurse Diploma – 1979
CPR / AED / Basic Life Support Certification – current