Why I Love Essentrics exercise, and why (I’m pretty sure) YOU will too!

Essentrics is a very fulfilling form of exercise that leaves participants feeling rejuvenated and energetic. Certified instructor, Marcia Culham, explains why she loves what she does, and why she thinks others will as well.

When I started doing this exercise two years ago, I had this good feeling that “heh, maybe there is something to this.”

“Exercise will make you feel better.”
Everyone understands that, and I was certainly striving for that.  Arthritic discomforts, stiff joints, achy back, and a tight neck and shoulders, were the combo of how I was getting around every day, but when I started practicing Essentrics™, all of these pains quickly improved, and then actually disappeared (other than my somewhat crooked fingers of arthritis).
I stand taller and feel so much more energized.

Experiencing these personal benefits drove me to earn my instructor certification and to share this well-being, by offering exclusively Essentrics classes.

Naming my fitness group VITAL 1 was so fitting.
I wanted to invite those who were looking to feel better in their bodies – to be more vital – to be re-energized in a comfortable place that wasn’t “the gym”.
VITAL 1 is a group of supportive “new-friends” encouraging you to “come as you are” and take pleasure in the experience with a 60-year-old smiling, caring, and attentive nurse/instructor.

As for the exercise itself, an Essentrics workout is a full body dynamic combination of strengthening and flexibility exercises, designed to open the joints by elongating the muscles and challenging them in the lengthened position.  It is all about pulling up in the spine and pulling the limbs away from your center, working through the muscle chains to re-balance the body, relieve tension, develop muscle control and motor skills, and to increase body awareness.

All this no impact exercise is set to music from my generation. I have to admit the enjoyment I get with creating the playlists. Occasionally, someone in the class will sing along with a tune as we exercise! How’s that for recapturing a past memory with a familiar tune while creating new memories. How sweet!

Please come and join in. I’m confident you will really enjoy the experience.

For more information on how Essentrics can benefit your body, or if you would like to try your first class, you can register by clicking here or by calling 403-208-3307.

About the author: Marcia

Certified Essentrics™ Instructor (Level 4 Honours) and founder of VITAL 1. If you are having fun, it's not exercise. My wish is to help and encourage those 50+, like myself, to age well. Active, compassionate, and fun ER and Oncology R.N. for almost 40 years. I found a fun workout that draws me in and I want to share it with everyone wanting more ...