Celebrating Nurses

I have always been so proud to be able to say “I’m a nurse”, and it’s the only profession I could visualize for myself, even as a little girl.  I have had the honor to be with people in the most difficult times of their lives, and sometimes in the very best.  To be able to accompany others on their journeys has made me so grateful for the privilege to be a part of the team, to be an educator, an advocate, or a comforter.  Thirty-nine years of being honored to help others, choosing to be there for them, when it certainly wouldn’t be anyone’s choice to be in need of health care, still feels like a blessing.

Nurses’ Week is to celebrate nurses, but I don’t know any one of us who feels the need for recognition or appreciation. The thing is, I see the dedication in the nurses I work with, and know that any one of them would be there for me.  Each one of them gives way more than just her time, but brings her whole-hearted talent to what she does every day.

That inspires me.

As I transition from nurse to fitness instructor, my goal is to continue on with those same qualities that I bring to my nursing. To help others feel supported, encouraged, and cared for makes me incredibly happy. That includes my nurses/friends. Let’s look after ourselves. The one that looks you straight in the eye every day in the mirror is the one constant you have for your entire life.

That includes what you say to yourself when you look in the mirror. Be kind to yourself and know that I am grateful for what you do.

About the author: Marcia

Certified Essentrics™ Instructor (Level 4 Honours) and founder of VITAL 1. If you are having fun, it's not exercise. My wish is to help and encourage those 50+, like myself, to age well. Active, compassionate, and fun ER and Oncology R.N. for almost 40 years. I found a fun workout that draws me in and I want to share it with everyone wanting more ...